Overbury Ink

“The Bottom of the Sea is another successful release from Eli August – a moving tribute to the ocean and those who journeyed its vastness.”

~ ~ ~

Midnight Calling

“Let This House Burn Slowly is a masterpiece!  Eli August is comparable to a master chef.  Adding a plethora of unnecessary ingredients is a refuge for the mediocre.   Eli adheres to this same principle in his music, and the result is excellent.  A good example is his sparing use of sound effects, such as rain falling and a creaking door.  These are short and enhance the song rather than take the focus away from it.   The profound imagery of his lyrics merges with outstanding arrangements and fine production for a truly astounding result.  Eli August is one of the most original and talented musicians today.”

~ ~ ~

Street Vibes

“A modest but dedicated crowd came out to see Eli August play his one man set for the coffee shop. At larger venues he plays with a band, but this tour is what he refers to as his Parlour Tour, opting for smaller and more intimate venues that allow him to sit directly across from the audience to whom he performs. This closeness just seemed to amplify the emotional honestly of his songs as though you were there to bear witness to a confession rather than there to be entertained.”  -J.P. Dean

~ ~ ~

Steampunk Canada

“You can feel the emotion in the music, through the instruments and Eli’s voice.  It sounds like he has travelled through hell and is struggling to pull himself out again.” -Lee Ann Farruga

~ ~ ~

Steampunk Chronicle Review of  Let This House Burn Slowly

…”when I listen to the album holistically as an aficionado of musical talent, it becomes an impressive tour de force for the ears”

“…Eli August’s work is almost gothic with its tones, words, and musical voyage. Let This House Burn Slowly is an extension of the austere work of Eli’s prior EP and goes far in defining our good Mr. August as the modern melancholy musical equivalent of Edgar Allen Poe.” -Doctor Q

~ ~ ~

Trial by Steam

“Recently, I received a copy of Eli August’s Let This House Burn Slowly, compliments of Mr. August. The album is an introspective and contemplative work, certain to invoke deeply buried emotion and heartbreak in its listeners. This is not your typical Steampunk album; the lyrics are at times brutally honest in its depiction of loss and devastation, but with the sadness and the ruin, there’s an undeniable beauty.

~ ~ ~

Local Sounds Magazine

“Eli August is serious, minor-key listening then, the polar opposite of pop music. It won’t make you dance but it will make you feel.”

“The whole album plays as a continuous narrative and the creative effort that went into it is impressive.”

~ ~ ~ Review of Asleep at Night” Single – Review of Asleep at Night

“It’s almost sad to say that Eli August has the perfect voice for heartbreak.

His voice has strength and range, but still seems ready to snap from sheer heartache. The miniimalist orchestrated pop that (just barely) supports him is a nicely composed counter point to his tale of romantic loss.

Very nice overall.”

~ ~ ~ Review of I Was Already Too Late

“The instrumentation here is fairly basic: a voice, an acoustic guitar, a bit of drumming. When instrumental chances are taken by Eli August they really pay off. The concert ukulele on “Atmosphere” comes across like a minimalist banjo giving it a humble country sound while the upright bass on the same tume seems almost cello-like giving it somber depth. The clarinet on “Lost Control” accentuates the wistful, closing-dream feel of this song.”

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