If you talk about marketing in the old days before the birth of the internet and the many gadgets we know today, people will think of it as a no-brainer task. Before all the complex work associated with marketing, everyone though anyone can be a marketing specialist. Things have changed since then because right now marketing requires a lot of work and many subtasks that cannot be done by one person. It is now an inter-disciplinary design that blends business statistics with visual art.

Throughout the course of history, the link between business professionals and artists have been strictly civil. Today the two disciplines work together to create a successful business plan bringing in millions worth of profits every year. With the coming of the internet and the increase in the accessibility of information provided to consumers, marketing becomes a complex task where business concepts must be applied with the help of skilled artists for it to effectively create an appeal to the market.
The digital age has given birth to a variety of options for people and businesses to exchange information. Today people can market their products without going to a TV or a radio station. With just a laptop and internet connection, anyone can have a social media account; anyone can have a website, and anyone can freely express their opinion with millions of people having the capability to access and view it. This is the power of the digital age. In turn, it empowers many people with the ability to be heard from anywhere on the planet.
When it was first introduced, social media came as a means for people to communicate, but it quickly evolved to become a marketing platform. For products to be effectively marketed, brands have employed the help of digital artists who are experts in graphic design. This put graphic designers in the spotlight and among the most in demand professionals in freelancing platforms. The need for people who can design websites create logos, and visual ads increased. Graphic design, since then, became an inseparable part of business marketing.
There are many ways in which graphic designs are used in business marketing. One is through website designs where artists use their skills to create a visually appealing website while keeping the design simple to keep the viewers engaged. Another is in the creation of logo designs and digital branding items that will appear on printed material such as bags and fliers. Graphic designers are also in demand for their skills in creating animation and ads that will appear on websites, forums, social media pages and blogs.
The internet has finally joined the disciplines of statistics and art in a marriage that has since then yielded billions of returns for some of the biggest names recognizable to the current generation. Graphic design, when used alongside business science, is an effective tool to engage customers, to build your brand and generate profit.