It has been long established that proper branding is at the core of any business marketing strategy. Branding is what makes your product identifiable in the eyes of your target customers which sets it apart from the many competitors available in the market. For people to trust your product or service, they must first know your brand. This is where branding comes in. It sets the foundations for a long term business relationship between your product and your customers.

If you dissect branding into its many parts and elements, you will find that there are many sub-tasks that you need to accomplish to build a strong brand. Part of this is to create a logo design that speaks for the quality of your product, creates an identity for your brand, and sets the mindset of your customer about what your brand promises to deliver. Putting all of these in a compact and catchy design can catalyze the success of your business. Here are some of the qualities of an excellent logo design to guide you in coming up with your logo.

It’s Simple

You do not want to create a graffiti for your logo design or something that has a lot of elements that your customers would feel that they are looking at the logo of a State government rather than a business trying to sell them something. Make sure that your logo is easy to the eyes so your customers would get exactly what you are trying to say with one glance. Brands that did well on this aspect includes the “check mark” from Nike, the “bitten apple” from Apple and the “Castle” from Walt Disney.

It creates a Statement

Some logos are designed to tell you about what the brand wants to give or provide. For some, the logos are meant to express how the product wants to be seen. Some beauty or skin care products use logos that are highly scientific or that associates itself with modern medicine because it wants to be seen as something that is clinically proven. Others may opt for logos with a touch of mother nature because it wants to be seen as something natural.

It’s a Mnemonic

Mnemonics are items in the form of a visual figure or words that help with remembering stuff. Some logos use actual letters from their names to create a mnemonic, so customers will not have difficulty in remembering the brand name. This is executed well with the WB from Warner Brothers, The huge fonts you get with HTC and other electronic brands or the “M” from the Marriot Hotel Chain.

The use of a logo can help a lot with promoting your brand which in turns helps your consumers recognize your product. When people can become familiar with the product, the likelihood of them purchasing that product over the competition, which they are not familiar with, is much higher. This is the basics of marketing, and you can easily achieve it by keeping your logo clean, simple, and direct.